Okay, I don’t care what I call it, I’m not getting anything done and the day is slipping by and I don’t feel good about it. The longer I procrastinate the more sluggish I feel. I keep to-do lists so you’d think I’d just move on to another item on the list. Oh no, instead I do the email.

From there I move on to checking out Facebook and Twitter. Then have to have another cup of coffee and it’s easier to enjoy it when I sit back a little and play a few hands of solitaire.

So why the procrastination this morning? Darn, I’m not sure. Maybe:
• I have the whole day? After three days of appointments, errands, a full day to stay home.
• I have too long a to do list and its intimidating?
• All the above, none of the above.

I could sit here and analyze the ‘Why’ but that is just another way to put off the ‘Doing’. So putting justification behind I’m taking a deep breath and digging out the to-do list. I’m starting with what I want to do first. Ummmm nothing I want to do. Okay I’ll add one. Be back in a few.

After taking a break I think I have it figured out at least for this time. I need to do something physical. This has worked before so why didn’t I do it this morning?
• Take a walk
• Weed the flower bed.
• Take a nap. Oh wait NOT THAT!

All I know for sure is if I work through it, I’ll feel better. The more I get accomplished the more motivated I am. The more motivated I am the more I can work through it. But it’s sometimes a struggle. I know, I just wrote about getting into the mindset of retirement and I’m working on that too. But, let’s face it the washing still has to be done. The dishes still have to get washed (and at some point put away). Retired or not I need to work on losing the P word.


5 responses to “Procrastination

  1. Hmm…I’ve been procrastinating since 830a (now 10a). I guess I’d better get my butt in gear, too. First, let me go warm up my tea…

  2. Hmmm. I’d like to procrastinate, but the grandkids are hear. Diapers and color crayons wait for no one. But the idea actually sounds lovely. I think I’ll procrastinate the morning away tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Stacey, tea sound good. I’ve actually gotten more done than I thought I would today. Yayyyyy. Maybe writing about it and whining helps.

    Laurie, and guess what when they’re out of the color crayons and diapers it doesn’t stop. Jack just left to take Mike (16) out to school for his game. No school today doesn’t mean no football game. This is one of those times I really appreciate this guy of mine. Now to get to the doing the bathrooms then that’s all the “HAVE TO’s” still a lot of should do’s but ….

  4. Hmm … this procrastination thing sounds like a lot of fun. I think I’ll join you 🙂

  5. Tricia, with retirement right around the corner you’ll have lots of time to practice the P word.

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