While I frantically prep for a writer’s conference this weekend, I’m opting to resurrect a story I told last year on another blog. It has to do with my desire for a new look. My husband got a lot of mileage out of telling this story, so I love having a chance to tell my side. He calls it the $4,000 bedspread. Now, first I should explain that we just topped 21 years of happily married. That being said, when I say the word “remodel”, you might groan just a bit.

A couple of years back, I decided it was time to replace our then 20 year old bedspread. After a couple of cats and umpteen children and grandchildren crawled all over it, it was a bit past its prime. So, with my husband’s blessing, I started my search. 

A year later, I finally realized why I couldn’t find a quilt I liked. I was tired of the dated gray, blue, and rose colors of our bedroom. It was time for a change. Have I mentioned we’d had this color combination for 21 years?

So, with much less gusto, my husband sent me back off on my search. It took a while, but I finally found the bedspread I’d been looking for. In greens and tans with a touch of red. Colors that don’t go with gray carpet and walls.

You’d think that this would be where the negotiations would begin. But no, my husband fully agreed that the carpeting in our bedroom needed replacing. And he was willing to concede that painting was a good idea.  The attached master bath, though, was also in gray. While he didn’t quite see the need, he was agreeable to new flooring and paint in there, also.

This is where the negotiations began. Our bedroom borders the laundry room, which was still covered in 20+ year old, yellowed squares of linoleum. You can picture it, right? As long as we were replacing the vinyl in our bathroom, why not do that room, also? And, you know, I’ve been unhappy with the carpet in our kitchen for a long time now. Yes, I said carpet in our kitchen! So, as long as we’re doing the laundry room floor…

Can you guess where this is going? We ended up replacing the flooring in seven rooms. Which meant a lot of painting. Plus removal of two toilets and sinks, a washer, dryer, fridge, and range. As well as floor edging and various furniture and wall decorations.

By the time we were done, we were into the project around $4,000. It would have been more, but my husband (bless him) did all the demo and prep work himself.  Have I mentioned how much I appreciate him?

Now we both very much love our “new” rooms. However, the aftermath of this endeavor has reminded me, once again, that men and women think differently. The word “remodel” elicits entirely different emotions. I saw the finished product. He saw the interim part – the work. And there was a lot of it.

Oh, and this story is best told to men and women separately. I retold it to some married friends recently, and the last thing I heard was “See, I told you we needed a new bedspread…”

So what about you? Do you have a remodel story? Was it worth the work and hassle? Ours was. I love our new bedspread. 🙂


3 responses to “Remodeling

  1. I can so relate to this. I was only going to have new backing on the tub and shower installed once and we ended up putting new windows in all the upstairs rooms.

    Our next project is installing new counter tops. We have tile and it was state of the art when we installed it but now… looking at granite. Hopefully we will be able to stop at the counter tops. I shutter to think what it will cost to extend it to new cabinets.

  2. Hilarious! We’ve just had a new kitchen which has made the adjoining living room look a bit shabby. I’ve bought some new cushions for the sofa, but of course they don’t go with the rugs, so………….

  3. A new living room sounds just the thing, Tricia. lol a bunch!

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