Bite and Hike blog, et al

Today I thought I’d ask everyone for some of their favorite websites. I’ll start off with one of my newest favorite sites.

It’s called Bite and Hike and I find it fresh, fun, and informative. This blog is the perfect blend of everything that’s good in life: family, food, and getting outdoors.

First off, I’m finding some amazing recipes here. Like Garlic Herb Butter Angel Hair Pasta with Bacon and Italian Vegetables or Summer Zucchini and Tomato Gratin. The recipes showcased seem to utilize as much as they can out of the garden.

The owner of this blog also talks about hiking. There are tips, like how to deal with bug bites, and great trail reviews from trails they have hiked. Right now all of them are from Washington State, but something tells me this site will be growing and branching out quickly.

Okay, I’m a writer, so I love the fact that she also includes a books page.  🙂  And wait until you see the cakes! Wow! On top of all this, the blog has giveaways. Over the summer, they ran a Market Fresh Challenge and the recipe (Minty Lamb Zucchini Boats) that won sounds yummy!

In the midst of all this wonderful information, Dee gives us glimpses into her life with “The Hubs”, son JJ, two dogs and a cat.   

For me, this blog a breath of fresh air and I thoroughly enjoy checking in to see what’s new.

So what about you? Got a favorite blog or website you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. As well, if you’re interested in guest blogging here at Over The Backyard Fence, send us an email at:

Thanks for stopping by!

Laurie Ryan


2 responses to “Bite and Hike blog, et al

  1. Morning Laurie, it seems this is a quiet Monday. Loved the link to the Bite and Hike site.

    I have one that’s near and dear to me. Jo and Feline Friends do so much for the community. Their site is at

  2. Hi, Lavada. Yes, it is quiet. I haven’t even been able to spend much time here myself. Feline Friends is a great site. I don’t know if I should spend much time browsing it, though, or I’ll be bringing more cats home. My husband would LOVE that. Not. 🙂 What a great idea though, a website to facilitate cat and kitten adoptions.

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