I’d like to take today’s post and introduce a very important member of our family. Abigail an eleven year old Jack Russell terrier who thinks we live with her. I’ve tried to tell her she lives with us but this is one time she falls back on ‘don’t cha know dogs don’t understand english’.

When company comes she is always first to the door and settles for a belly rub. But, when family comes she has them trained and starts letting out shrill little whines directing them toward the refrigerator where there are left-overs and doggy treats.

Of course she’s overweight but hey at eleven, seventy-seven in people years, she isn’t so bad. Not only is she not so bad, but the other day a squirrel came up on the patio. Silly squirrel! Our son was here and standing by the patio door when she spotted it. She almost went through the door before he could get it opened. She sailed across the patio, down the walk and into the lawn in puppy speed. The squirrel must have changed direction because in a flash Abby had turned and was shooting around the house. I seriously doubt that many dogs of any age could have kept up with her.

At other times she sort of whimps around and looks her age. Go figure. We just turned on the gas stove for the first time since spring, and she immediately and I mean within seconds of it flaming, was down on her little rug in front of it.

Abby and Jack Russell’s aren’t dogs for everyone but our family and friends love her soooo much and at eleven we cherish every day.

From time to time I’ll post Abby and Rue stories. How about you, got any good ones? Would you like to do a guest blog? We’d love to have you, just go to the Contact Us and send us an email. We’ll coordinate the rest with you.

Have you given your special friend a hug today?


6 responses to “Abigail

  1. What a precious face. I know they are very smart dogs….I always loved to watch Eddie on ‘Frasier.’

  2. She is such a cutie! And, as one of the friends who stops by now and again, I can attest to her “scratch my belly” request. 🙂 We miss having dogs, but right now, our cat, Dude, is more than enough. He, like Abby, rules the roost.

  3. What a gorgeous girl! Sounds like she has the brains to go with the looks, too 🙂 That’s one clever female.

  4. Abby says “Thanks for the comments.” She thinks she gorgeous smart and a cutie too. And, doesn’t mind reminding us of how lucky we are .

  5. What a sweetie Abbie is, she always greets me like an old friend.

  6. Nancy, Thats cause you are an old friend. And, she knows em when she sees them. 🙂 🙂

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