One Year Olds

Our 7 year old granddaughter ended up in the hospital this week. I’m VERY happy to report that she is improving hourly. It was probably something viral. Because of this, her parents are at the hospital with her and Grampa and I get the privilege of having her sister stay with us. 

Taylor Grace is one of the most exceptional children I’ve met. Okay, I know. That’s the Grandmother in me speaking. However, at the age of 15 months, she has spent the last 36 hours mesmerizing me. I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like because they live a ways away.

So she amazed me first when, after picking her up at 11PM at night and bringing her home, she showed complete trust in me and fell quickly back to sleep. And she woke up the next morning without fussing. In fact, she was a ray of sunshine.

Now, the glitch to the day was that, as an author, I needed to give a talk to a local club about writing romances. It was a 1.5 hour meeting in a banquet hall and we took little Taylor with us. She was the hit of the gathering and remained very well behaved. By now, it’s 1:30PM and she has not had a nap. Plus she didn’t get her usual sleep the night before.

We then headed off to a relative’s house so my husband could do a quick repair, and Taylor wrapped herself around my aunt’s heart in no time flat.

“Want a cracker?”


After that one cracker, Taylor remembered. Each time she wanted another one, she would go to my aunt, then go stand in front of the cupboard with the crackers and wait. Each time, she got a cracker.

By now, it’s 3PM and Taylor still hasn’t had a nap. She’s happy, active, and hasn’t thrown a single fit. So we stopped by my father’s assisted living apartment and she WOWS the place.

4PM – still happy.

Finally, we got back home. No more car seat. She can run from one end of the house to another. And she did. Except for the half hour she spends eating dinner, she runs, walks, climbs. She hadn’t seen her Mom or Dad or sisters in over 24 hours (she has listened to them on the phone). And she is so amazingly happy still.  

Even bath time was fun. Well, except for the washcloth full of water she tossed at me. Still, her giggle at my shock made it all worthwhile. By 8:30PM, our granddaughter was sound asleep after managing to humble me with her intelligence and her good humor.

It wasn’t all wine and roses. I did spend about an hour cleaning up toys and high chairs and doing dishes. But it was SO worth it. 

Oh, I hear her waking in the other room. Time to go, but I’d love to hear your baby stories. Does anyone have any amazing or humorous 1 year old stories they’d like to share? Because this Gramma has done enough bragging for one day.


5 responses to “One Year Olds

  1. Taylor Grace sounds adorable, Laurie. I love them at that age, they are so entertaining. She obviously feels very safe and secure with you.

    Alas, I have no grandbabies, but have a god-daughter who, at one, was into everything and kept us all amused. She is seven now and obsessed with the weather reports on TV and the Internet :))

    Hope your older granddaughter continues to improve and is soon back to full strength.


  2. Weather reports? What an unusual thing for a 7 year old to be interested in. That cracked me up, Tricia. 🙂 Do you have a future meteorologist in her? Good news just came down the pipeline – Taylor’s sister just got the nod to go home from the hospital. Yay! I’m SO happy Olivia is feeling better, but I will miss having her sister here.

  3. I loved this recount, Laurie! It reminds me so much of my twin niece and nephew who turned two this summer. I sat for them a couple weeks ago – and oh my! – is that little girlie crazy!! What a fabulous, joyful, wild child! Her grin while blatantly defying me was amazing. But, what really got me was her whipping through the house yelling (singing?) “Maniac, Maniac” (a la Flashdance). Yes – a complete and total loveable Maniac! I can’t wait until I sit for them again!!

    I hope that Olivia is speeding down recovery lane very soon. And, that you get to enjoy them all a little more this Fall.

  4. That is good news from Olivia. I read an article awhile back that said the reason we have children is for the grand children.

    I think kids are getting smarter. It takes some doing to stay ahead of them. Not as if I am most of the time but I still have them fooled into thinking so. Welllll at least part of the time.

  5. Maniac? Here’s my question, Samantha. Who taught her that song? LOL
    Oh, and Olivia is home sleeping in her bed tonight. Yay! She’s still on lots of meds, but having an RN for a mother has it’s benefits. I’m sure the entire family will sleep better tonight. 🙂

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