Rogue River

We’ve been fortunate to be able to take some fantastic trips.   Three week cruises and tours, and for the last two years we’ve rented condo’s in Arizona for the whole month of January.   But the mini trip we took last week fit right in the Fantastic category.

We left Olympia at 7:00am with friends and headed south to Gold Beach Oregon and the mouth of the Rogue River.  It’s a full day of travel but the scenery cutting over to the coast and of course along the ocean is beautiful.   We got into Gold Beach around 5:00pm and checked in with Jerry’s Jet boats, our ride up the river.

The next morning we thankfully woke to no rain. After a quick, very quick breakfast at the Inn we stayed at, we started up the river.  The first part of the trip is on relative quiet water but after lunch we put on life jackets and got into the rapids that took us into the protected wilderness area.   Our pilot knew the river and its people and we stopped to chat with a number of drift boats and fishermen.  There wasn’t much being caught that morning but it didn’t seem to be bothering anyone.

As we made our way up the 50 miles to the lodge, the weather warmed and by the time we got there, we could take off our coats.

The picture of the deck was taken at Paradise Lodge where we stayed.   If you’re looking for luxury you won’t find the traditional kind but depending on how you define luxury you will be surprised.   The rooms are simple, comfortable, clean and rustic.   There is no TV or phone service and they turn the generator off at 10:00pm so no electricity after that.   All and all it’s … well it’s a piece of paradise.

Food is served family style and guests are called by a dinner clang (a metal triangle).   And, I can tell you, it – will- wake- you for breakfast if you sleep in.  Everything is laid back, you have time to talk, walk, read and make new friends.   There were six of us that came up the river on the jet boats and sixteen that came down the river in rafts.   One couple had been married at Paradise 27 years ago.  They do the raft trip every year.

In conclusion, this trip left me with a very satisfied feeling that will stay with me for awhile.   We were fortunate to share it with friends which made it even more special.

If anyone has a trip they’d like to share we’d love to have you quest blog with us.   Click on the contact and email us.  We’ll get it setup with you.


8 responses to “Rogue River

  1. Ahhhhh Lavada, I’ve had the thrill of Jerry’s Jet Boat up the Rogue River three different times. What an absolute blast. All three times, my trips were on hot August days and the whole experience was exhilarating. We also went all the way to Paradise. However we did not stay at the lodge….just ate and got back on the jet boat for the wild ride back down to Gold Beach. Everytime we head down Highway 101 and pass Jot’s Resort I get that old ‘jet boat ride’ urge. Thanks for sharing your Rogue River experience. Linda (Reader’s Group)

  2. Your trip sounds wonderful, Lavada, and the photos are lovely. Would really love to have a shot at the rapids!
    The way they turn the generator off at 10pm reminds me of a trip we made to Nevis years ago. The electricity was, shall we say, spasmodic. One night the lights went out and we couldn’t find the obligatory candle. I spent a very memorable and humid night huddled up tight against my hubby convinced that the Island’s ubiquitous spider (big ones) population was heading for our hut. Ah, happy days…

  3. Gorgeous photos, Lavada! I’m so glad you had a terrific time.


  4. What a great trip! We’ve done a jet boat excursion on the Rogue, but only for an afternoon. Not an overnight. And the no phones, no internet, not power thing? Hevenly, I’d imagine. At least, on a temporary basis, huh! I’m glad you had such fun on the trip!

  5. Linda, Thank you for stopping by. Laurie and I really appreciate your comment. Wow, 3 times. You are a veteran. We went up 27 years ago with our grand daughter and stayed in the Honeymoon cottage. Yep, really, the honeymoon cottage with a 3 yr old what can I say.

  6. Tricia, well just get yourselves across ‘the pond’ and we’ll have a go at them rapids. Thankfully I didn’t see any spiders. If I had …. well uh

    Chassily, thanks for stopping by.

    Laurie, I’m looking forward to seeing your blog on Wednesday.

  7. Love the pictures and I’m so glad you had a great time. I am such “not” a water person so I’m not sure I would enjoy the ride. I worked on the river for seven years and never did get used to being on the water.

  8. Nancy, it takes a blog to get to know these things. Seriously I had no idea you didn’t like the water. I agree though, the Rogue isn’t a river for everyone.

    Thanks for dropping in.

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