New TV Season

Finally, the new season has started for our favorite TV shows.   Personally I’m ready. With summer over and earlier nights I like to settle down to new episodes of old favorites.  In addition there are always a few new shows I get into.

I have always enjoyed TV, movies, and books.   They might be time takers, but hey we’re retired and I still don’t have that down well, so more than ever I’m ready to go for it this year.  As I list some of my favorites you’ll notice that many of them will be in conflict (same night, same time).  Maybe reruns this year will be something I can look forward to.

So the shows:

•    Reality shows –  Jack started us watching these.   For awhile I didn’t get into them but now I get hooked with each episode. My favorites are The Amazing Race and Survivor and Biggest Loser.  We always have favorite players and get upset when they get booted out of the house, jungle, dance floor or whatever. Do you watch these shows and if so which ones are your favorites?

I didn’t see any new Reality shows for this fall.  But I may have missed them.

•    Crime and Detective type shows –  I like these, Jack not so much.   My favorites are CSI, the original one in Vegas.   And Criminal Minds, even though it can be pretty dark.  I also like Law and Order and there’s going to be a Law and Order Los Angeles that starts Sept. 29th.

There are quite a few new ones that I’m anxious to try this season.   I used to love     the old Hawaii Five-O and the stars of this years show are some of my favorites     so this is definitely on my list.  Others I intend to try are; Chase,  The Whole     Truth – I just saw the previews for this show and it looked good.  Defenders is     another one  I like because of Belushi and O’Connell, two actors I always     enjoy.

•    Paranormal/Sci-fi  – The Event looks good as I enjoyed Lost.

What about you?   What are the shows you can’t miss, the ones you record?   We might want to take a few and follow them together this year.  If you’d like to guest blog with a review let us know.

Happy TV time.


6 responses to “New TV Season

  1. Alex O-Loughlin and Hawaii 5-0, here I come. I can hardly wait!

  2. Love Criminal Minds and Law & Order, plus we have a UK version of Law & Order which is really good.
    Strictly Come Dancing is also about to launch, absolutely hooked on that. We also have 71 Degrees North, where celebs have to survive arctic conditions and push themselves to extremes to save getting voted off.

  3. Tricia,
    America’s Got Talent just finished over here (a take-off onyour Brittain’s Got Talent, I understand). I got so HOOKED on that show this season.
    And the semi-sadist in me finds 71 Degrees North for celebs a very interesting idea. lol

  4. Just got home a couple of hours ago. The lodge we stayed at didn’t have phones or TV and they turned the generator off at 10:00 so no lights. Quite the cultural shock but without back noise the sound of the river just below us was indescribable.

    Tricia, thanks for sharing especially from England. Your 71 Degrees North sounds like our Survivor except Survivor is in the tropical climates.

  5. I am looking forward to the new season of: Chuck, Glee, and Bones. None of the new TV shows are really gripping me, but that’s a good thing (I already lose three hours a week to TV, more if I remember that John Stewart’s on!)

  6. I’ve read a lot of Kathy Reich books but haven’t really gotten into Bones. Maybe because I have read her books. Hawaii Five-O starts tonight so I’m anxious to see if I like it as much as the old old old original one.

    Thanks for dropping in Kate.

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