Survivor: Nicaragua

Well, it’s almost here. Wednesday starts a new season of Survivor. Are you fan or foe? Me, I walk somewhere in limbo. Each season, I get frustrated. Each season I wonder how those people can live with themselves. I swear that I’m done. I’ll never watch another episode.

Then I start seeing the trailers for the new season. And I start feeling the tug. So I head on over to CBS to check out the line up. Just to see who made it onto the show. Really. That’s all I’m going to do.

Wow. They’ve got old vs. young going this season, huh? Hmmm. That doesn’t sound like an even match-up, does it? And before you get your hackles up, I qualify for the “old” camp. 🙂  But hey, they’ve got Jimmy Johnson. That man knows how to win, right?  And a couple of buff looking gents, as well as some women that don’t look like they belong on the old side. Maybe these “oldies” have a shot.

Then I go look at the young camp. Okay, I admit it. I picked my first favorite based on looks alone. It was the eyes! I’m all about the eyes. Whose eyes did I pick? Want to try to guess? I’ll list the name at the end of the blog.

Here’s the website link:

I’ve been watching some of the previews online and I’m checking out the younger camp. Did that kid actually say he was going to “mow ‘em all down”? Bring it on, surfer dude! Goodbye, blue eyes first fav. I’m jumping ship to the oldies camp. 

Wait a minute. How did I get so involved in this season and it hasn’t even started? Okay. That’s it. I’ll watch the season premiere, but then I’m done.    Oh, who am I kidding? I’m in for the long haul. Always have been and probably always will be.

 Lavada will be here on Wednesday to talk about the new television season, but she was gracious enough to let me jump the gun to talk about one of the most controversial shows out there. How about you? Are you Team Survivor or Team…Not Survivor. (Yes, that’s a bad play on the Twilight theme). Will you be watching Survivor or boycotting it as the ultimate in reality television? Or are you somewhere in between? Got a favorite player? Want to share who?

I promised you a name, didn’t I? Be forewarned. My fav’s tend to get voted off. Based on the eyes alone (and before I jumped ship to the oldies camp), my first fav is Shannon.


12 responses to “Survivor: Nicaragua

  1. I have watched every season of Survivor and I also declare each season is my last. Why do so many idiots win? Russel should have one two seasons in a row because he played beautifully. THIS season I feel certain someone from the “old” side will win. Why? Because young people often give up way too soon. Many many times on survivor an older person has won a challenge simply because they have learned that “this too shall pass” and they work through the pain. Go wrinklies! (I’m almost 43 and have the abs of Porky Pig)

  2. “Go wrinklies.” I LOVE it! That’s going to be my motto for this season. 🙂

  3. OH, I’m adopting “Go Wrinklies” too. Laurie, the eyes gave away your first choice but Benry (different name haven’t heard it before) is looking good too.
    I’m with you on the frustration and it helps when I remind myself that the players don’t know what we do.
    Personally this is one show I absolutely have no desire to be on. They look so beat up and dirty. Nope, I’ll just enjoy watching it all. We need to revisit this in later posts as we get our favorite players and get more emotionally involved which I seem to do even when I say I’m not.

  4. I agree. I’ll be back to post my new fav’s as I decide on them. 🙂

  5. I’ m a fan–didn’t want to get involved but then my husband started watching it and now we can hardly wait for the next show!!! I’ll have to check out the cast but I’m a Jimmy Johnson fan. My all time favorite on Survivor is JAMES!!!

  6. Can I tell my husband your’s got you started on it, Nancy? He blames our addiction on me. 🙂 James is a sweetheart. I didn’t like him as much in the Heroes vs Villains season. But man, that guy is buff! I don’t know who I’d pick as my all time favorite. The problem is, I find people I like and then they come back for another season and I don’t like them so much. James is a tough choice to beat though. 🙂

  7. Update after seeing the 1st episode – Shannon’s a ditz and I doubt he’ll last long. So I am officially rooting for Jill (the ER Dr.). Anyone else want to go on record? 🙂

  8. Way too soon for me to start making calls. I’m just gonna sit back and see how they play; for a while. Anyone watching “the Event” tonight? Supposed to be the new LOST type thriller. anyone?

  9. Oh yes. I MUST see what this EVENT is all about, so I’ll be in front of the tv tonight. And don’t forget Hawaii 5-0 at ten. 🙂

  10. Gotcha Danno. I doubt I will start H5O. I was more of a Charlie’s Angels kind of guy, Stevie McGarret just didn’t do it for me. I swear that show was on longer than M*A*S*H! I’ll have to catch the Event repeat on Saturday because we have to tape Chuck and watch it later at 9pm. Oh the stess of TV coordination. 😉

  11. Alex O’Loughlin definitely does it for me. 🙂 So…no listing spoilers about The Event on this blog then, right?

  12. spoilers are fine, I suspect that if all goes well for the show then the Internet will be alive with chatter. Besides, I have already been trying to dig up dirt on it and watching as many clips as I can find. Spoil away — except we’ve strayed away from SURVIVOR blogging. Time for a nap, kids are home from school which always triggers nap time. 😛

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