Tis Fair Season – Hooray

It is definitely beginning to feel, smell, and even taste like fall.  And, there’s never a better place to get the feel of our fall senses than at a fair.   I enjoy it all, the fairway watching the rides, the food courts.  Oh yeah, especially those.   I remember when we were young and the fairway was the big thing.  Back then it was the rides that we went for.  Now we eat our way through the fair.

We’ve already been to the Thurston County fair.   It’s really small as fairs go but we never fail to run into old friends.

The big fair in our part of the world is the Puyallup.   Actually it starts today and runs through the 26th.  This year we’re planning to go twice, once with friends from Oregon and once with family.   These are days when you throw the diet and healthy eating out the window.  Or at least I do.

I’ll close with some fair tips.   But I’m far from an expert so chime in with some of your own.  Or maybe some fair experiences.

•    Layer your clothes – especially in the Pacific NW
•    Wear comfortable shoes
•    Take cash – you’ll need it for the snackies though most vendors take cards
•    Take a backpack or something to carry loot home.   I love the commercial building.  There’s a vendor that sells this great vinegar and oil dressing.  Another that has hundreds of different breads and . . . well you get the idea.
•    Usually you can get tickets off site.  One place they’ve had them in the past is Safeway.  It will save a little money from purchasing them at the fair ticket booth.  And you won’t have to stand in line.

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10 responses to “Tis Fair Season – Hooray

  1. Great tips Lavada! So disappointed I won’t be able to enjoy the Puyallup this year. It’s been a while! One tip my mom always gave me for the fair was not to wear white clothing if you are going on the rides since you are likely to get some grease stains!

  2. Hi Lavada, Wow a new Blog! Great! I love the Puyallup Fair too. Haven’t missed one in over 55 years. When I was going to high school here in Pierce County, we had ‘Fair Day’ every year. We’d go to school, check into Home Room where the teacher would hand out admission tickets & then we were loaded on school buses & taken out to the fair ground for a day of fun with friends. One of my favorite high school memories. In the past I’ve gone several times each year, but now…since we’re advancing in age….we usually just go once. We love fairs and have been to the fair in Chehalis, Yakima & Salem, Oregon. Have fun when you go & don’t forget to buy a few scones to take home. Linda (Reader’s Group)

  3. Michal, not wearing white clothes especially pants is a great tip. I usually end up sitting in something. Or dripping ice cream.

    Linda, you sound like us. Jack took off for opening day today with his brother. So that will make 3 times for him this year. 2 for me, I’m getting old. I love your account of your high school memories. Jack and I (when we were in high school) went to the Puyallup Fair on a first date. Who would have figured over 50 years later. We even have a picture from that day we took in one of the fair photo booths.

    Sure brings back memories. Thanks for stopping in. Loved your comment.

  4. Great topic, Lavada! I love fairs and I’ll be heading for our local one next week. Do you remember when you could get poster size pictures made at the fair? Maybe you still can. Well, we have a picture of myself and three of our daughters, poster-sized and all browned around the edges, on the wall in our bedroom. It was take about 20 years ago and is one of our most treasured belongings.

  5. Laurie, I don’t remember seeing any posters. A few years ago our grand daughter took the little photo booth picture we had and made it an 8×10 and framed it. The resolution held up for that size. Can’t believe we were ever that young.

  6. Great blog! Fair season is always bittersweet here in Ellensburg as it marks the end of the summer but the beginning of the Fall season and a new school year. We just finished up the Kittitas County Fair and Ellensburg Rodeo which is a big deal around here. We host events such as “Extreme Bulls” which is televised on ESPN and the Ellensburg Rodeo is a qualifier for Finals in Vegas. The fair and rodeo last only four days and then continues on to Puyallup.
    I get very nostalgic when I’m at the fair, especially with my 3 children. I think no matter which fair you are at, the smells and sounds are always the same and they remind me of when I was a kid going on rides, playing games and eating good food.
    A few fair tips I would add are clean wipes as everything seems to leave your hands dirty or sticky and if you have little ones that like to get lost, I suggest a florescent colored shirt for them!

  7. I’m hoping to go to the fair multiple times this year because all four of us in my family have season passes for the first time ever! My super smart 11 y/o daughter got her pass free because she was a 1ST PLACE WINNER AT THE DISTRICT SCIENCE FAIR last spring. Yes – that does deserve mention in all caps! 🙂 So, the rest of us decided that we’d better pony up and make her winning worth it. Now we just need to plan our outings, which I’m sure will include lots of our favorites…scones, ice cream, tilt-a-whirl, the giant slide, the hobby hall, cow smells… So fun!

  8. Christie, great tips. I love the Ellensburg area and your fair sounds like fun. It isn’t all that far from here. Guess we need to put it on our list of things to see.

    Samantha, Yes that award does deserve caps. Season passes, yeah we’d take advantage of them. Have fun and bet you don’t run out of things to see. If you do, you can take time to people watch. My grandmother used to enjoy doing that just about better than anything. And there’s no better place than a fair to do it at.

  9. I can hardly wait until the Puyallup Fair when we get to go with our WASHINGTON friends. LOTS OF FUN, LOTS OF LAUGHS and of course LOTS TO EAT!!! I can hardly wait Lavada–see you soon.

  10. Yep, we’re looking forward to it. I was going to try to lose a few lbs so I could eat more but that hasn’t happened. :):)

    Thanks for stopping back by.

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